The purpose of our work is to strengthen innovation systems and foster adoption of agribased digital technologies in West Africa.

Our AGriDI grantees are supported financially and technically to enhance the capacities of key stakeholders in diverse areas of digital technologies and agro-ecological systems, and strengthen synergies with the private sector, civil society, and other community-based organisations. The selected third-party projects support the development of tangible digital solutions that address real challenges for farmers and agribusinesses, especially among women and youth, thereby increasing opportunities for jobs and income in the region.


Agriculture is the dominant economic sector in Western Africa, accounting for over a quarter of the region’s GDP. It is necessary to maintain high agricultural productivity to keep up with population growth. Measures are also needed to mitigate or adapt to the adverse effects of climate change, which can alter the agro-ecological system and worsen the problems of pests and diseases. As limited access to good-quality farm inputs and poor links to markets for farm produce constrain agricultural productivity in the region, digital innovation digitising of agriculture-related activities and data is an opportunity to transform agriculture and boost employment, in particular for youth. 

This is why AGriDI operates at the core of the innovation ecosystem for digital technologies for agriculture. We bring together the research community, the public sector (policy makers), farmers and the private sector (SMEs, innovators) to enhance digital literacy, knowledge and capacities to adapt and use emerging digital technologies, especially by traditionally underrepresented groups, such as women and youth.