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Enhancing farmers’ uptake of digital technologies through empirical research, innovation and policy intervention (EFUDTRIP)

Project Summary

This research focuses on small and large-scale farmers and will assess their level of usage of digital innovations in their farming operations as well as the impact on their agricultural productivity and income. The study seeks to address the problem of low uptake of digital technologies especially by farmers in Ghana. A good number of digital technologies have been developed in Ghana to enhance efficiency and productivity in the agricultural sector however, their uptake has been reported to be generally low. Considering the potentials of ICTs to enhance productivity and farmers’ income it is critical to examine how bottlenecks can be removed to increase usage and maximise impacts.

The overall development objective of the project is to increase farmers’ access and uptake of good quality digital technologies thereby enhance their productivity and income as well as increase the income of Information and Communication Technology for Agriculture (ICT4Ag) services developers and providers. The specific objectives are to

  • Examine the level of adoption and impact of digital agricultural technologies and services on agricultural productivity, farmers income as well as income of ICT4Ag Services providers.
  • Identify challenges confronting farmers’ adoption and development of digital agricultural services and technologies in the country.
  • Assess the quality and security of ICT4Ag services available to farmers.
  • Provide recommendation for the development of innovations and congenial environment for up-scaling deployment and adoption of digital agricultural technologies and services for farmers and other value chain actors in the country.

An expected outcome is that ICT4Ag companies will use the study recommendations to improve quality of the services, increase farmers’ uptake and increase the benefits for the farmers. Similarly, policy makers will use the evidence generated to reform or develop policies and programmes that will promote the development and uptake of better quality and more impactful digital solutions.

The project partners with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture – Agriculture Resource Centre.

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